Nawa Marine Equipment for the Most Demanding Conditions

We design and produce marine equipment for safer and easier boating.

Lankapaja Oy is the producer of Nawa marine equipment. All our products are designed to perform
in demanding marine environment and above all to make boating safer and easier.

Get the right Equipment

The more time you have spent boating, the better you know how challenging mooring and landing situations can be. This is even more true when you have an inexperienced crew.

The situations can be avoided by using equipment that is designed and manufactured by prioritizing functionality and ease of use.

Nawa For Safer and Easier Boating

The size of boat does not matter, it is important that all equipment can be easily located and are ready for immediately use. The crew has to be aware where the equipment is stowed and how to get them ready for use when necessary. This is an absolute necessity when mooring.

All Nawa products are made of high quality stainless steel and fitted with the patented Nawa connectors.

The Connectors are made of sun and sea water resistant nylon.

Nawa Marine Equipment for Easier and Faster Mooring

Nawa products are designed for easier and safer mooring. No more messy mooring ropes and anchor lines or taking out fender from the storage in the seat boxes.

Nawa accessories will keep your equipment on the boat in good order.

All your equipment is nearly stowed and still easy to reach when needed. Nawa equipment will help you enjoy boating and makes it safer and easier.

Three Reasons Why You Should Install Nawa Marine Equipment on Your Boat

Unique Nawa® marine equipment, Nawa®, Nummela

Unique Products

Nawa® marine equipment is high grade, easy to use, and safe. They are made to cope with the toughest of conditions.

Continuous product development, Nawa®, Nummela

Continuous Product Development

We are continuously developing our products and we would like to get feedback from our end users in order to develop new products and provide even better service.

An extensive network of Nawa® retailers, Nawa®, Nummela

Equipment and Spare parts Easy

You can find Nawa equipment and spare parts throughout our dealers worldwide.

Marine Equipment Built to Last

The range of equipment from Nawa includes easy to use products produced of stainless steel which are installed with patented Nawa connectors of sea water and sun resistant nylon material.

Even the installation has been made very easy, the only tool you need is a normal screwdriver.

Nawa products:

  • Anchor holder

  • Mooring and rope reels

  • Fender baskets

  • Rope holder

  • Flag pole socket

  • Life buoy holders

  • Life buoy light holder

  • Spinnaker pole holder

  • Safety line holder

  • Mooring and buoy hook

  • Connectors

  • All purpose bracket

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